Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool was opened in July 2011. The museum is a celebration of Liverpool, its culture, it people and its industry and the enormous impact this small city had on the world. 

I was Head of Story at the production company 55degrees when we won the contract to produce films, audio and interactives for the museum's Wondrous Place Gallery. Liverpool is a hotbed of talented writers, performers, musicians, artists, comedians and sports people. Wondrous Place celebrates the city's creative and sporting personalities - from The Beatles to the Zutons and John Conteh to Stephen Gerrard.

I developed and presented the winning pitch with other members of the team. The contract consisted of 6 documentaries, 7 interactives, 7 audio pieces, a 5 screen piece and a large scale projection. During the production phase I overviewed the narrative requirements of the project, I led a highly talented production team to develop testaments for all the individual stories and interactives, and I directed a couple of the pieces myself.

As with a lot of museum work it was produced with an extremely tight budget which required a great deal of imagination and creative scheduling in order to create high quality but affordable content. 

Working on this project was an opportunity to work with iconic people and content, from images of John Lennon and teh Everyman Theatre, to carrying out interviews with the cream of Liverpool’s creative community (including: Frank Cottrell BoyceCarla LaneWilly RussellPhil RedmondJimmy McGovern and Alan Bleasdale). 

Museum of Liverpool is down at the Albert Docks next to the famous Three Graces (and a rather hideous residential development), if you haven’t been to Liverpool for a while its well worth a visit. 

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